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Crawl toward me 

Aurora borealis 

Face down on the floor 

More more more 

The blood pounding 

Dig dug digga digga dug 

Between us

Fifty eight smiles and demons 


Like I was 

Saying I want this experience 

To be pins in your memory 

I am as hollow as a log 

Never enough 


Never I’m wounded too deep 

Grinning like a heater 

Big wheel spine inside 


Neon sight 

Pure delights 

Warm jettison into the flesh 

Fresh psycho flames flare 

Between us 

Between us 

Body and blood is the healer 

I am rude 

Girl you be my dog! 

I be your dog tomorrow 

For now the red red wine is mine 


Wind around me Satan 


You be me some other time 

Become one with distant distaff love 

This love thing 



Become physical we imagine it into us 


Don’t’ dam it 

Reservoir it 

Within you is it 


Inside of me 


I worship you crawling 

Towards me on your belly 

In the light of the halo television framed 

Accepting humbly accepting 

Like the servile serpent 

Your slavish devotionals are 

Apples in my eyes 

Embody me 

Like a eucharist 


Take this knife 


Ribbons down my back 

Brightly scented butterflys needing escape 

You crawl, crawl, crawl 

Pick me up 




Sticky sweet hands 

Doing the lord’s work 

Sweetly sashaying out the door 


More I beg meekly 

Both of us 



Omne Animal Trieste Post Coitum


Rid of me, never get rid of me 

Deaths’ dark mystery 

Rider on eternity  

3d 3d pulses in symmetry 



trees and bees and clouds floating by like 

negatives yeah negativity 

in too close proximity 

along the precipice of calamitous destiny 

fossilized flowers clutched in straw hands 


no no they’re not for me! 

Cries the wind 

Cries she 


Give me nativity 

Screeches he


Hee hee haw jackdogs 

Snapping happily, hungrily  

Map of seas across her face 

Starcrossed eventually 

Here I come here I come says he 

Now gimme gimme gimme gimme 

So much mouthful of blasphemous denial ability  

Come out of thee crucifixedly, boldly 

Staring at her boldly bodily heaving heavenly 

Carried down to earth not up to infinity 


Plunging deeply deeply 


Quick get it inside of me 

Quick get it out of out of me  

Snorts locomotively


Until until until until until until until until until until until


Explosively wheeling starrily he falls timberly 

Shrink wrapped limberly 

Encased, carcassed suddenly wearily 

Spent regally 

Smothered ecstactically 

Escaping steamily 



Drizzling into 

Morpheus’ mothered embrace 




An American Anthem 

17 days pounding, pounding, pounding rubber roomed dreams, drums, 

whistling along this land is your land, 

yeah.  Nope!  It’s mine! 

I’m limber, tensed loosely like a paradox panther. 

I spring, you sing the cow cow boogie blues, 

On bloodthirsty streets of America, 

Amercia, god sheds his purpled hazy majesty on every icon, 

From Poe, to Melville, to Faulkner, to Hemingway to, to, 

Who else?  Elvis! Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga…….


It’s a real avenue of manure and psychological issues, 









Yeah, rightside of the brain deadpanned smarmy sneer 

Sliding down the side of my face and onto your shoulder. 

Rubber dreams shrinking against latex sex, 

And much, much more than that. 

Flowers, fonication, fortitude. 

Forget thee knots, belly wised.


I’m nervous. 

Love cold dissipate like youth, 

Chicken out or go astro on me, 

Corner up, stand up, 

To the life I love so cowardly. 

Like whiplash,


A gorilla beating my brains badly, 

Against the stunning jungle canopy. 

I wonder as I squander; 

What’s the matter with me, America? 

I want welfare, 

Cheesy wedding bands up on the stage serenading me, 

On our fingers; we’ll dance 

Like a dog and chicken waltzing drunkenly at the American Legionaire reception; I’ll bark at the moon, 

While you’re scratching my back, 

Wallop you across the room if you give me any lip.


Wa neena, wa neena, the lion slips tonight, 

Swamps, bull frogs parts of me too. 

I’m one hep cat who wants to get in under the wire unskinned. 

You can hold me in my shaking fits, 

Be my baby America, liberty likes to boogaloo. 

Ain’t that too bad though, my other self says, 

Damper down, I say, damper down, 

Every time she gets up to dance,  

I sing it loud and I sing it proud.   

I sock it to them cause it’s a man’s man’s man’s man’s world.


Some grandma flips me the bird. 

You gotta change your attitude, I mutter, 

Beneath baleful breaths, 

Hula hoops and wind dings wanging through 

My funny boners. 

Black night in scarlet remembrance, 

Whipped on me, 

The burden of erecting a body of workaholic ethic.



See no evil, 

I get the hot sauce, 

I boss her around through a t.v. miasma of beer burping despair. 

Stick her piggy feet in my path, 

I’ll cow her till the ruins come home to roast. 

Attach the heart and the head will hollow, 

Get down wid me, ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! 

Yeah.  Get down.


Sleep, dream, dreamy, creamy, reamy, steamy, beamy, 

Nipples, cherry red in beige, brown and white sauce, 

Giant breasts floating in a sea of milk. 

No particular place to blow, 

I throw slow motioned stones through murky covergirls; 

Pouty, ejaculate me. 

In starburst illusory tumescence. 

I bend and see, 

She comes in sunlight.  She comes in shadow.  But oh my she does come in Picasso, ah sunlight crisscrossing, then pinioning me. 

Speechless and stupefied, 

Sipping coffee skins through my nostrils, 

Soaking in her naked ambiance, 

Breasts, beasts, beats, 

Big flayed hips, 

Overconsumated gates of life, 

In utero I wanna be, 




She’s my imagination, 

Creation buddy, my life melts, 

Sea to sweat drenched drippy sea, 

Shiny on thee, 

Projectile, reflected, 

Me!; in brilliant chain linked ecto-glory. 

God kisses you when he arrows orgy chasms, 

Filled, when I’m voided, 

Sleepily, melodramatically, 

So close to surfeit, 

Anger, mediocrity, until my fingers curly serially. 

Only in America, sweet relishing violant idolatry.


I hit you. 

You’re alive with electric eyes! 

Perfect symmetry. 

My eyes are stones. 

You groan as I rough my hands along your covers. 

I’m looking over my shoulder, 

One eye on the door, 

Your spoor in my nostrils, hot! 

One eye creeping round my back, 

Slowly turning upward, 

I’m a depress sack, 

Wedding sea foam with bedding. 

You’ve been around this block America, 

Oh yeah, 

Now walk awhile with me.


I feel free is my mantraed litany, 


I say religiously. 


Or at least dangle your feet over the fucking edge, 

Out into the night. 

Flights of stars we look up at, 

Don’t let me down, but down they must shine right down. 

On me. 

Looking far less,

Expecting no more.   

Someday it’s gonna happen,


I know, the song my country tis of thee, 

Promised eventually, 

And they all will say, jump with me. 

Wearing hats and garters, hoops and circles wires, wrapped, tightly round each others waists like parading elephants, 

We shall arc through it all gracefully, 

Like angels.


I can’t dance, I won’t dance, 

I shall jump as high as the hand that beats me. 

As high as the feed that needs me. 

Though manufacturing all sorts of license, 

My exclusive bill of righteousness.   

Tugging on my panama, we’ll be standing, 

Talking about only being born once, 

The train idling on the tracks, 

Later running down our smoking, choking, wise guy lies, 

That hat’ll shade my eyes. 

The sun will gallop overhead, 

Rushing to meet the sea, 

Nothing inside runs to meet the river, 

Rusheting out of me. 

The gift horses, 

The green courses, 

The wetness sparkling like the first glimmering light of dawn.


Mercy, mercy me, America. 

I blow in the neon night. 

I drift sepulchrally thin, 

Part of the road,

Parcel of the wind,

The perfect clay beneath my feet. 

Muddled in my wandering, 

Only more love, more love, more love of anything. 

I want, I want, want, want, want, want, want;


Make me a whore, 

When the soul has already gone to sleep, make me cheap. 

I wade into the mob,  

Passing through the air, 

The fair haired youth, 

Gone from the mountain to the middle of the gallows squared. 

What could I possibly wash off, I wonder, 

It certainly ain’t my skin, 

It’s more within? 

Wondering, what cruel tears inside of me, 

Stoppered up? 

Tears of self pity, 

I guess.


Well then pity me!


Honey Honest (Fifty Dollar)

I paid my fifty dollars 

Now put on this dress 

I don’t need your body 

I’m just depressed


I walked thirteen blocks 

Just to find THIS room 

The streets are full of punks and monkeys 

Something inside my head was going 

Boom boom boom


You sit on the bed 

I’ll stay here in this chair 

I’m content to look at you 

Neither one of us pretending to care


The moon is full in me 

What’s inside of you 

Tell me what is is makes men 

Want to screw you down so far into that bed


I’m not a druggie or bum but here’s an old line 

Nobody understand me 

Which is just about fine 

I don’t understand anything


Modern society doesn’t mean much to me 

Do you make anything of it 

No one realizes just how  

Desperate it all is


I’m going now 

So relax 

Here’s your money 

Don’t look so scared 

I guess you get all kinds 

Honey honest

I’m just like all kinds too

Fun House Curving Into Space 

fun house, belly button, gosh, totally exposed 

skulls above your head on the wall 

shoulders skulls 


butt stiff 

one foot raised slightly 

downcast eyes cannot demurely 

cover immodesty  

undressed eyeballing 


between the nipple lines 

on your chest 

hair just enough exposed 

between the hands to excite 

the glans not too hot but 

the metal in the glass is  


serpentine mirroring discomfitted 

like the hands of time 

in a dali clock and  

the cocks crows all around you 

like ice not passion 

surround your pimpling nakedness 

erect not like suns in the sky 

simply cold hard and pointless 

powerless teddy 


smiling crookedly from his corner 

he happy to anyone who will pick him up 

portrait of a lady lost in a play 

defined by refractions of waters 

rising from bellies 

from face 

to distaffed disgrace


Do you love me – No! 

Do you love me – No! 

Who cares, I’m scared – please don’t eat me.


Do you love me – Oh! 

Do you love me – Oh! 

Mid-air, I’m snared – please don’t downbeat me!


How did we find each other? 

You are the past I plunder. 

I am the master bungler. 

Where is the sense I wonder?


Do you need me – No! 

Do you need me – No! 

Who cares, I’m mad – you complete me. 

Do you need me – Oh! 

Do you need me – Oh! 

What’s fair? You’re there – please mistreat me.


How did we find each other? 

You are the past I plunder. 

I am the master bungler.

Where is the sense I wonder?

The Beach 

Porcelain girl – porcelain girl – lies in the weeds,
The sea sends forth – her hair’s entwined.

Puffy and wet, ripe and seedless,

Oceans swell – in her – in me - I’m flushed.

She is so beautiful – so white and blinding –
Her lips plump - I desire – I need to be,
A thing in her – alive with other things,
That fish have nibbled from her past history.

You can’t judge a book by its cover,
I have to be her lover,
Undulant I uncover what the seas concealed,
My hand on my mouth keep the giggles from slipping out.

I want to shout, my love’s alive!
My love’s alive!
Like a warm cup of tea,
I fear she’ll burn me,

Too fast, too much, too soon
I want to finish, no!

Don’t pull me back.

I want to stay among the dead, not the dying……………………

Eastern Front 

Two grains of sand – ah –  

Between two thumbs – ah – 

Millions of souls – ah –  

Fighting for crumbs – ah


Two rays of sun – ah –  

Two lustrous eyes – ah –  

Reflecting thoughts – ah –  

Whom they despise – ah!


Ancient crescents  

Eastern fronts 

Western offenses 

Dark covenants


Between two thumbs – ah – 

Two grains of sand – ah –  

Millions of souls – ah –

Fighting for crumbs – ah

Portal To Paradise 

I’m not the Buddha, 

I’m not the Christ, 

Just a man seeking, 

A portal to paradise.


I ache for freedom, 

A halt from vice. 

A man beseeching, 

A portal to paradise.


I yearn for oneness, 

An end to sin, 

And no more breaching,

The portal to paradise.