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Mr. Bad Luck

My emotions
Collide with you,
Fuck you! 
I hold the knife
Against my side, then
Against your throat.
Pretty pink neck,
Ruby red necklace I got for you,
Grinning from ear to ear,
I hiss,
You stupid thing! 
You stupid bloody thing! 
I didn’t want your body,
Your useless tears,
I wanted your life,
Your panting hot begging breaths.
I took it! 
An angry god
Churns inside of me.
You walked down
The wrong street tonight,
You stupid bloody thing.
Empty baggage at my feet,
I kick you!
You’re as empty now as a pile of dead leaves.
I’m going now.
Good night.

The Empire of Fear 

Just when I thought shit couldn’t get worse
With the girl
In the aluminum colored mini dress
The sunglasses were brought in
On a plate
Steaming from the oven
Hot to the touch to the bridge of my nose
The flesh behind my eyes 
I had one hand on her behind
I didn’t mind the pain so much then
My erection throbbed to attention
Yes sir no sir two sacks full sir, 
She gazed dispassionately
As if the other wall was a wide screen tv
Set she turned me off
She muttered
I moved my hand to the front of her panties determined to
Bear the full frontal brunt of her iciness 
Between two fingers
I rubbed the genies lamp
I rubbed and rub a dub thubbed,
Detaching myselfI bent down
Until my lips kissed
The hard cold metal looped
In her belly button 
Reaching up for salvation
I blindly felt for the soft
Pliant skin of her nipples
I was firm with her then, ah yes, was I firm. 
Suck me I exhaled heavily into her ear
Jettisoning my words like desires, but like seed on fallow ground
She got up
Went back into the party
Left the noise outside, the noise inside my chest 
I masturbated
Coolly detached
All over the coats on the bed.

Stalker Question 

Does the stalker have particular songs 

Running through his head 



Dirges for the dead 

Are there joyous ditties boppin’ 

‘round in there 

beneath his thoughts 



or are all his ideas just squared 

abstract or mathematical 

free form or 

32 barred

embraced by freedoms red glow 

or chained to a single stationary star 

how lonely is the stalker lonely 

like an asteroid 

a chunk of exploded sun 

drifting by or drizzling mute 

cries of anger 

self loathing or disgust 

unable to sing for himself


able to howl for other things 

denied the rest of us 

obsessive tuneless other things

he sings for

The Red House Panties

every cliché obsessions 

a question 

euphoria insides which 

short shock me 

gleefully i finger  

the red house panties 

garbage canned  

enameled lids  

worn off 

panties, inconsiderately discarded


i draw my coat tighter around my mind 

rooting through the wet coffee filters 


half eaten bananas diffused refuse 

crows caw raucously overhead punctuating my greed


nothings as important to me as 

the red house panties 

chilled up 

fired sweetly 

i bring my fingers to my face 

ah the extravagant inhalation 

my nose 

ah her clothes

her clothes 

no more doubt turns off the bridge 

into the oily murk 

unconsciously chewing corners of the cloth 

rivuletting down the sides of my mouth. 

the red house panties haunt me

even as i hold them close

inside i sense

i need to be inside

Ego Snake (Underneath Your Dress)

Love too shall desert you
If you continue
To turn yourself aside
Or suffer the consequences 
I’ll bring you flowers
To press, against your burning breast
Like I desire too
Underneath your dress
I desire to
The soft touch of evil is like silk
My tongue and kisses shall emulate
I can be you salivation
But I don’t wish
To pontificate
No, I don’t’ wish to pontificate 
You keep saying I’m not the one 
Who ever is
You don’t even know me
Anyone can be the one
Given half the apple
Oh even half the apple
Can fill an empty belly
If you allow it too 
I’m no serpent
Crawling upon your garden wall
Not at all
Underneath your dress
Is all the eden
I aspire to
Don’t be so Victorian
Unlace thyself
I’ll keep a knockin’‘til you let me in
There is no sin in sincerity
I am ardent
Can’t you feel how well this seduction’s going


turn the woman’s body over like a chrysalis in my hands 

no other passion i dare to understand 

the detached coolness of her flesh 

like a lost world 

it’s much better with girls 

the first time i had the shakes 

i was in a funk 

a fog 

no mercy no mercy  

i screamed along with her  

in this addiction 

i wanna be society’s dog 

what a gruesome situation 

now it’s beginning to bore me 

while i’m boring through her 

pieces in the bathtub 

pieces in the refrigerator 

oh where oh where is the icy bliss i seek 

your heads in my lap 

your bloody lips purpled and blue 

songs sung blue 

dribbling down the drain 

into my memory 

the pain you endured is nothing 


you’re gone 


i gave this gift of immortality to you 

like a god descendant 

i stalk the streets of sodden dreams 

dreams for girls like you 

dispensing graces 



whole wheat i wonder

 what you would taste like on whole wheat


so goddammed beautiful 

her hips wide 

flayed spandex butterflied 

purple nipples staring into eternity 

an empty sea 

stones staring back at me


hands in pockets 

circling the room to keep from falling in 

to whatever sin 

i too am capable 

of committing


blossoms and petals and roots 

scattered beneath 

a broken windowpane 

the water spilled on the faded rug 


welling up inside of me


so goddammed beautiful so 





that death cannot crush or curse her anymore

like fine wine already turning 

how much did it hurt 

i wonder


the clock strikes the back of my mind 

i bend 

hoping to find a clue 

to put this puzzle through


unglue the mystery

the ache inside of me

Gun in the House

I wish I had a gun in my house 

I’d pull it on all of my friends 

Or sometimes just stick it in my mouth 

Oh, I have no conscience 

Or maybe too much of one, I’m just

A son of a gun bitch toting son of a gun 

The primacy of reason underpins 

The primacy of fear 

My dear I’d rather hold you close 

And fill you full of tears 

Oh, I have no rationale for the 

Pain that I cause 

Because I love you 

Do you love me too 

Stroke my ego 

Feel it’s cool steel urges 

Impelling me to torture you like this 

There is no connubial bliss

Just the kiss of twisted up emotions

Like a marathon 

We’re running side by side 

I deride you to the ground 

Thanks for the deride, I snicker 

I’m snide when I’m inside you 

Like a gun going off in an empty room 

Echoing like thunder 

Blundering senselessly 

Like a drunk in a drunk tank top

No thanks to you 

You need me 

I capitulate

Then screw you again and again and again

A man needs a gun 

Like a flower needs the sun 

Bullets are like seeds 

With needs that must be planted carefully 

Not cast among the weeds 



Like a flower 

Beaucoups of bouquets 

Passed between me and you

Ruminations On An Imagined Assignation (Deferred on the Information Highway)

that angel lowered her eyes 

twin pin points of red rimmed with white 

innocently feral 

like a wolf lone she wolf 

with an uncaring stare 

a shark 

even in lowered repose 

you could not read the intangible mysteries 

held within that soul 

those eyes 

i longed to gouge them out 

eat them 

let them softly dissolve in my mouth 

slithering deliciously down into my gullet 

filling me with eternity if only for one day 

i could see clearer then 

rolling around in my guts like a new found love 

dripping them egg yellow thoughts i


sidle downstairs 

out to the curb 


pick up a bottle cap perceived as coin 

i park my derriere atop the hood of a car 

trying hard to look like a hoodlum 

wishbone authentic carrying concealment 

currying favorites 

sycophants surrounding me wolf whistle 

drooling over the angel 

her buttscape 

her halo and wings


meanwhile I whose thoughts ooze back upstairs 

to the peach colored woman 

her contours melding into the delicacy of the divan 

she lays face down upon 

and there was


this Japanese gentleman who was covered from chin to toe 

in black 

(only his eyes behind horn rimmed spectacles were visibly above the wood) 

observing her 

sucking up her delicious picturesque 

(I saw them both 

only me 

love is strange flickering briefly inandout of my mind 

then evaporating 

absorbed into the vortex 

the void of mindlessness 

i didn’t love them


they didn’t acknowledge the existence of each other 

i wished i could have rubbed fiberglass 

into those bare shoulders 

his peering eyes) 

thin papery stakes on each other 

so intent 


me to him to her 

she introspectively caught in her dreams 

i wanted her to undress languorously slow motioned


thrill me provocative fruit i whispered 

as she drifted off to sleep  

like with t.v. 

i grew bored with trying to bore into them 

i drifted too 

down and outride 

i don’t talk to anyone here 

i don’t look at anyone here 

i am a hood 




i stonily sit granite watch tonight


(perhaps i’ll goo upstairs later 


satiate my boredom more fully) 

from my station on the car

i am temporarily grateful for what we’re handed down 

i am a shaman 

in the dry season of love 

heels clicking on the barren pavement 

moving rapidly past me 

like the keys on a stuttering typewriter


i could make up their stories 

stories out of their passages 

maybe as interesting as the leaving of their lives 

probably as knotted  

I feel like a sieve though 

the sins 

the poisons of the city are fisting through me 

assassinating my soul 

my inauspicious erratic soul 

it’s garden weed choked 

pollinating nevertheless 

disseminating outward from me 

towards the lunatic fringes of the moon


i’m afraid to go back upstairs really 

perhaps the lady on the divan is gone 

the japanese man too 

shimmering jasmine miasma 

hallucination in the fluorescent neon glow 

one stark 

the other shadowy 

everyone moving in cobwebby fashions


interruptions of bright enameled laughter 

if i had a hammer 

i’d smash all of their teeth 

break their jawbones too 

into dogbreathed slavering 

like crystalline icicles


(i remember vividly 

as a boy 

some would stretch down from the roof to the ground 

outside my bedroom window 

brittle winter morning long ago 

peering through the icy bars 

through to the funnel of the future 

straight into the mirror of my adult eyes)


i accumulate outrage 

ill revised 

none of my yesterdays are as good or as tasty 

as my tomorrows 

the tornadoes of my own dreams 

my dreams  

i touch the place where the air 

where a falling stars’ path was 

absorbed into the earth 

a lurid streak of wish and promise


the peachy Japanese woman melting into one entity 

she briefly materializes 

fades in and out 

about time  

i know nothing 

history knows less and shall know less of me 

i exult my inconsequentiality 

the sea i cry 

the sea the briny sea 

oh mothering horn of humanity 

ripples like a tide slowly pulling me 

up and out 

up upon the antennae of the world 

i cross out eventually 

transcendent then 

drifting from one rooftop to the next 

coaxials trailing 


sparkling agonies 

utterly sublimated 

frankly frantic electricity 

i will not panic 

with my fingers twitching 

running comfortingly over imaginary strings and keys


my mind slides again 

down the greasy pole of reality 

until the white lights 

displaced by purpled planes smoothness 

sensuous illuminations 

and I’m floating 

beneath your touch 

my testicles ripping out messages 

sending signals magnetically up my backbone to my brain 

to my eyes 

my breasts 

the point between us 

until I sheen 

illumine me


this is the closest I have ever come to god 

and he to me 

i murmur fatuously 

i feel like a god 

so out of perilous control 

your body passionately absorbing mine 


i struggle like prometheus with his gift 

sisyphus with his stone 

between the sheets 

chained to you 

sexual fires so unlike true desire 

i am as ecstatic as a saint upon the torturers rack 


i want to be martyred yes 

eaten by the lions

sacrificed to the new years....